b-pwr Inc - Motorsports Innovation
MX-Z 1200 Renegade 1200 GSX 1200 2009-2014
Turbo kit stage 1 IC
3699$ Special 
For off trail application only
Turbo Stage 1 IC 190 hp
Aluminum piping
Air filter
Fuel controller B-PWR tunable
All Turbo hardware
HM Oil cooled turbo
Silicone hoses
Oil cooling kit
Oil filter kit
Circulating Oil pump
5-7 psi waste gate
Adjustable Ignition controller (2 maps)
3 Inch super efficient Intercooler
AEM Ignition controller
Engine code module
Price 3999 $
Stage 1 IC--  kit with short filter and super efficient Intercooler
IC kit from 3850 $
Complete CAD stage 3 kit with High Pressure air box
High pressure Air Box equaly distribution of air between cylinders
Options :
  1. Head shim : 50 $
  2. Aluminum air box even distribution : 750 $
  3. QRS tower reinforcment kit : 100 $
  4. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator : 50 $
  5. Adjusable Blow off valve : 100 $
  6. Electronic fuel module : 350 $
  7. Injector bung : 100 $
  8. Boost Ignition retard module :  450 $
  9. Intercooler : 350 $
  10. Engine work 65 $ //hrs
  11. Stage 1 turbo install 500 $
  12. HD oil circulating pump 300 $
  13. Forged pistons 475 $
*Kit turbo et pièces vendu tel quel sans aucune garantie légale, sans aucune responsabilité physique ou matériel résultant de l'usage du kit turbo.
Le kit est vendu aux risques et périls des acheteurs.
B-PWR se décharge de toutes responsabilité direct ou indirecte relié à l'utilisation du kit turbo.
Le client est conscient que le turbo soumet un grand stress sur tout les éléments mécanique du véhicule.  Le stress additionnel sur les pièces mécanique résulterons  à court terme à des bris.
-* Turbo kits and parts are distributed by distributors and sold by retailers to the customer without any liability or responsibility on the part of the distributor, B-PWR or the retailer to the customer for any injury, death or property damage incurred or suffered by the customer or to anyone riding on or using the recreational vehicle, and the customer acknowledges and agrees that B-PWR, the distributor and the retailer provide no warranty whatsoever to the customer on the turbo unit and shall in no event be responsible for any loss or malfunction of or damage caused to the turbo kit, the engine it is installed on or the recreational vehicle of the customer as a result of the installation and or use of the turbo kit. The customer acknowledges that the turbo kit substantially increases the stress on any motor it is installed on and such stress will result in needed repairs or malfunction.